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Function over fad.

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Skin care for everyone.

Gorgeous, clean products for healthy, glowing skin and hair.

The power of organic, full spectrum hemp oil (naturally loaded with CBD), carefully balanced with the perfect suite of other plant oils.

Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its impact, safety and sustainability.

The Result: Beautiful, result-driven products that you feel wonderful about using.



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Careful, clean sourcing.

Safety is not assumed and sustainability is not “nice to have.” They are essential, and our reason for being.

We take a truly holistic approach to material selection.


The Klog

The Klog beauty blog raves about june.

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Best of Beauty

“a drop of this body oil rubbed on the sore spot after a long day is just pure bliss"

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Cool Hunting

“June a CBD facial serum for every type of skin”

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"It’s made me feel
confident about my skin
which I never have been."

— Chelsea, Brooklyn, NY