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Let june
get to
know you.

CBD skin care products
formulated to work with
your body’s chemistry.


Skin care
for everyone.

Everyone’s skin biome is different and CBD works to help regulate oil production and skin receptors to create an overall balance to your skin.

In concert with our carefully selected active botanicals, our organically sourced CBD works at the surface and just below to brighten, smooth and hydrate your skin.


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Hester Street Fair CBD

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Cool Hunting

“June a CBD facial serum for every type of skin”

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Careful sourcing.

100% Natural


Traditional Japanese Methods

Our friends at Garden Om Hemp Co. are extracting our CBD from the industrial hemp plant using CO2 technology to avoid the use of solvents and scary chemicals.

Our Camellia japonica oil is sourced from Toshima Island off the coast of Tokyo. The oil is extracted using traditional Japanese cold press methods and is harvested in the wild.

We work with the finest organic and wildcraft grown botanicals that sit in perfect balance with our CBD.



"It’s made me feel
confident about my skin
which I never have been."

— Chelsea, Brooklyn, NY